Pedro Russo
Pedro Russo - Project Researcher

Assistant Professor of Astronomy & Society at Leiden Science - Leiden University. International project manager for the educational project Universe Awareness. Former global coordinator for the largest network ever in Astronomy, the International Year of Astronomy 2009 . Research interests: Astronomy Education and Public Outreach
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Julia Cramer - Deputy Project Researcher
Currently postdoctoral researcher at Science Communication & Society at Leiden Science - Leiden University and outreach coordinator at QuTech in Delft. PhD in physics at QuTech and Delft University of Technology. Research interests: Public outreach and (quantum) physics.
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Anne Kerkhoven
Anne Kerkhoven
Anne Kerkhoven - Research Assistant
BSc. in Biology at Vrije University Amsterdam. Master in Biology and Science Communication and Society at Leiden University. Research assistant of the Science Communication and Society Unit at Leiden University.
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